Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2018-2019 fees?


Good news!  Our fees have gone down from last year!


U12 $1,300

U14 $1,600

U16 $1,800

U19 $1,800


What do the fees cover?


We’ve been listening to families this year and we have reduced the fees to eliminate the apparel portion of the fees. There are still mandatory apparel requirements that families will be expected to purchase.  Those that have been part of the organization will not need to purchase the mandatory items again unless your child needs a new size or has lost some of the items. Families will order their apparel and clothing online.


The player fees will cover indoor and outdoor facility rentals, skills coaching and training, payment for one league entry fee per team, provincials/westerns/nationals expense, tournament expenses, equipment, and some basic administrative costs like TeamSnap and GameChanger.


When are fees due?


Fees can be paid in a lump sum by November 30th or as per the following fee schedule to assist families:


***Payments are made to All-Star Girls Fastpitch Association also known as Kaizen Softball***


What is the mandatory apparel required by players?  How much does the full package cost?


All athletes require the following items:


  1. Black matte helmet (full black)

  2. One green jersey

  3. One white jersey

  4. Black ball pants (any make)

  5. White ball pants (any make)

  6. One black belt

  7. One white belt

  8. Black ball socks

  9. White ball socks

  10. Kaizen jacket

  11. Kaizen visor or hat

  12. Kaizen ball bag


*Possible addition of Green Socks and Belts*


This year we have a new apparel provider, Kahunaverse/HR Sports, and we are currently working with them to ensure we get the lowest prices possible.  Stay tuned for the new Kaizen catalog that will be available in the fall.

If you state, you are Kaizen softball member you will get a discount on your equipment purchases at HR Sports. 


Will we have to fundraise?


Yes, there are Kaizen Organization fundraising events and team specific fundraising activities.


Organization Fundraising


  1. Casino - We haven’t received our next date for the casino yet.  Typically, casinos occur every 18-24 months.  Our last casino was November of 2017.

  2. Kaizen Poker Night - While it is not mandatory that you attend, it is a great opportunity to meet other parents in the organization and have a fun night.  All families will be asked to sell a minimum number of tickets and all teams will be required to provide a minimum number of silent auction items as assessed by the board.  All proceeds will be directed to teams to help reduce costs, such as facilities. 

  3. Flames/Hitmen 50/50 - The board has put applications in for all levels to potentially work at the Flames and Hitmen games.  As we are not guaranteed a spot for every team, these funds will go to Kaizen Softball directly to ensure that all teams get equal benefit from these opportunities.  The Kaizen board will allocate these funds to the team based on team needs.


Team Fundraising


Depending on the additional expenses that teams elect to include in their team budgets (i.e. team meals, team bonding activities etc.), teams may be required to fundraise.  Your teams will approve the annual budget which will determine any additional fundraising required.


Last year we were able to fundraise to offset our fees.  Can we do this again this year?


Yes!  If teams need to fundraise at the team level, you will first need to fundraise that portion.  Anything above and beyond your team mandated fundraising can be used to offset your fees.


What if I don’t want to fundraise?


If you elect to not fundraise, you can opt to make a cash payment.  Each family will be required to equally fundraise or pay cash calls.  For example, if a team needs additional fundraising of $1,200 and there are 12 girls on the team then each family will be responsible for $100.  If you elect to opt out of fundraising your family can choose to instead pay the $100 to the team directly.


What if I can’t afford the fees?


Kaizen Softball offers financial support to families who request and qualify for our fee assistance program.  Applications will be processed on a case by case basis dependent on funds available.  Please contact the board to discuss the process.


What leagues do our teams play in?


Our leagues are dependent on our teams.  Typically, teams will play in CMSA, GPLS and/or CWFA.  It is mandatory that every team is part of a league to maintain good standing with the AGLC and continue to receive casino funds.  Coaches will assess which league they want to participate in.  CMSA and CWFA are played locally in Calgary, while GPLS involves weekend play over typically four weekends that can range from Red Deer, Lloydminster, Prince Albert, Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Calgary.


How many tournaments do teams attend?  What tournaments have teams attended in the past?


The number of tournaments will be decided by coaches.  For those teams that play in GPLS, weekends available for tournaments are reduced as league play happens on weekends.


Our teams have attended a variety of different tournaments.  Some include Leduc, Irma, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Red Deer, Kalispell, Great Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Kelowna, White Rock, Surrey, Tri-Cities, Las Vegas, Spokane and Helena.  Coaches typically like to attend tournaments in both Canada and the USA to give the girls opportunity to play at a higher level.


How big are team rosters?


Historically, our teams have had rosters of around 12 players.  In some circumstances we have played with 11-13 depending on the quality of players.  We are a competitive “A” ball program and looking for “A” players and will set the roster accordingly.


Are teams arranged by birth year?


Not necessarily.  Our philosophy is that we will create the strongest team possible for each age group.   If teams are equal the board may evaluate having a birth year team for ease of playing in the USA.  Players should expect that teams consist of both first and second year players dependent on skill level.



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